Unlock your potential with Ceri Hand - new programme announced

We’re giving 15 creatives  and 3 cultural leaders the chance to receive mentoring and coaching from artist mentor Ceri Hand and her team.

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Create Berwick today invites artists and creatives living in Berwick upon Tweed and the surrounding wards to apply for a programme which is set to transform their approach and mindset and advance their creative careers.

The Coaching & Mentorship Programme delivered by Ceri Hand and her team will empower artists and arts professionals in Berwick with customised mentoring and coaching to cultivate innovation, leadership, and resilience within the creative community.

Applications to be part of the first cohort should be made via the Create Berwick website by 9am on Tuesday 6 February 2024.

Click here to read the guidelines and apply.

In this first cohort 15 creatives and 3 cultural leaders will be chosen to work closely with Ceri and her team to:

Unleash your Leadership Potential: you will magnify and refine your creative leadership skills, you will be empowered to bolster your creative vision, skills and impact.

Amplify your Earnings and Prospects: by unlocking fresh opportunities and strategies, you will have the chance to fuel your financial growth and broaden your professional prospects in the arts and cultural sector.

Cultivate your Creative Confidence: the Ceri Hand approach encourages you to cultivate a newfound sense of assurance in your unique creative identity, it empowers you to embrace your distinctive strengths and contributions to the arts community.

Ceri Hand, an artist mentor of some 20+ years has been a curator, creative leader, and director of galleries and arts institutions. She now uses her arts industry expertise and guidance to mentor and coach artists and creatives to maximise their potential, achieve their goals and create a career they love.

Of the Create Berwick programme Ceri said, “We’re excited to work with the creatives and arts professionals of Berwick to help them unlock their potential and transform their careers.

This might be the very first time these creatives and artists have ever had the opportunity to focus on their career rather than exist within it. And we’ll support them the whole way, helping them unpack their hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties.

I love be able to offer my experience and knowledge as an arts industry insider to help artists and creatives see the bigger picture and find the right roadmap for their unique circumstances. So that, every artist has the chance to transform their career and reach their full potential.”

The Ceri Hand Coaching & Mentorship Programme for Create Berwick will welcome its first cohort this spring.

Applications for this cohort are now invited on the Create Berwick website.

Interested artists and creatives must apply by 9am on Tuesday 6 February 2024.

Click here to read the guidelines and apply.

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